Instructions for Poster Presentations

Poster Boards

The dimensions of the poster boards are as follows:

Size of the construction: 200 cm (height) x 103 cm (width)
Size of the panel (i.e. the max. size of the poster): 180 cm (height) x 97cm (width)

The panel is covered from both sides by a grey carpet.
To ensure good legibility of the poster, we recommend a maximum size of 95 cm in width and 150 cm in length.
Fixing material (pins and stickers) will be available in the Posters Area.
Congress staff will be available to assist you during the time of poster mounting.
The poster boards will be numbered by the organizers. 
The number of your poster can be found in the list of posters in the poster area.

Poster-viewing Sessions

• In order to enable discussion and interaction with other participants, we request the main author or another member of the group to be at the poster board at during the scheduled poster-viewing sessions. If this is not possible, we request the authors to leave a note on the poster indicating the times when they will be present at the board.
• The poster-viewings sessions will take place at the following times:

on Tuesday August 1, 2017  session A  16:20–18:15
on Wednesday August 2, 2017 session B  16:35–18:30
on Thursday August 3, 2017 session C  15:50–17:20

On-site Instructions

• Each poster will be displayed for one day.
• The poster boards will be numbered by the organizers. You will find the number of your poster board in the poster area:

Poster Session A numbers  1–80
Poster Session B numbers  81–161
Poster Session C numbers  162–242

• Please display your poster on its assigned board no later than 10:00 on the day of the poster session.
• Posters have to be removed at the end of the day of the poster session after 18:30 and before 19:00.

Please note: Any posters remaining after 18:30 will be removed by the symposium organizers. Any left posters will not be kept by the organizers for later collection and will be disposed of.