Writing workshop

Organizer: Sina Adl

(Wednesday afternoon, before dinner)

This session will last about 90 minutes. We will discuss two things. First we will present what happens to your manuscript submission from the perspective of an Editor-in Chief. Second, we will discuss manuscript presentation and structure.

Manuscript submissions. Submitting authors often have a very poor or even erroneous view of what the purpose of keywords and abstracts are, and the power and purpose of titles. These matter to a receiving Editor, and it guides how reviewers are selected, and how your document is treated. Understanding their purpose helps in getting reviewers to agree to review it, in obtaining quality reviewers for your document, and it speeds up the process by 1-3 weeks. I will show you how the Elsevier system works, from the inside, as an example.

Structure of the manuscript paragraphs. We will use example documents to present aspects of writing manuscript that graduate students often struggle with, especially if English is still new for you. How many paragraphs is too much? How long should they be? What order should the background be discussed? How do you structure an interesting discussion for potential readers? How do you link it together so it reads well? What is the right way to choose citations from so many published? 


Career Development Workshop

Organizer: Sina Adl

(Thursday before Conference Dinner)

Thinking about becoming a professor? In this 90 minutes session, we will discuss what you should be prepared for, when applying for an Assistant Professor position or if you are a new university professor. The first five years in a university will be challenging and a lot of work. What will you need for your tenure and promotion package? What are the indicators you need to track? How do you plan for five or ten years down the road? Do you need to plan that far ahead? What happens to you when your grant is not renewed? What kind of activities matter, and which ones should you be engaged in? Is it time for a beer yet? workshop 

Organizers: Lenny Teytelman and Steven Wilhelm

This workshop will highlight the key benefits of the platform (as a tool and a collaborative forum), the PROT-G efforts, and will provide a space for Q&A on the platform. There will be an opportunity to brainstorm on the protocols you would like to see posted on the PROT-G group (a protocols “wish list”) and features features that can improve the resource. The workshop will provide a good opportunity for interfacing with and the PROT-G community. 

Beverages and snacks will be provided by